What is Focused Work?

Focused Work is a flexible Focus Timer that helps you stay productive and avoid burnout.

It’s purpose-built for people who struggle with focusing and structuring their time effectively.

Folks can create repeatable focus sessions that divide tasks into smaller parts, with a balanced structure of Focused Work, Break, and Planning stages.

A task such as “Write the intro for Monday’s article” can be broken up into a three-part focus session; a 5-minute Planning stage to familiarise yourself with the task, a 50-minute Focused Work stage focused on writing the introduction, ending with a 10-minute Break stage to mentally refresh and reflect.

Focused Work encourages you to be self-accountable, avoid distractions, and create healthy productivity habits.

Core Features

  • Flexible Focus Sessions Create repeatable sessions for different tasks, structured with Focused Work, Break and Planning stages
  • Self-Accountability Each session encourages you to focus on a specific task or goal
  • Focus Reminders Avoid distractions with fun periodic reminders to maintain your focus
  • Session Reflection Rate and journal about your level of productivity during the session
  • Daily Goals & Streaks Create healthy productivity habits by completing productivity goals
  • Time Tracking with Toggl Assign Projects, Tags, and Tasks to see a breakdown on time spent

Ecosystem Features

Focused Work is designed and optimised for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey.

  • Siri Shortcuts Start a session with Siri. Pause, Skip, Restart the current stage.
  • Shortcut Automations Automatically turn a Focus on or off. Manage distractions mid-session.
  • Block Apps & Websites Block websites & iOS/Mac apps while a focus session is in progress
  • Alerts on all devices Start a session on Mac and receive alerts on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • iCloud Syncing Work from iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Created sessions and stats remain in-sync
  • Share Extensions Start a session from your favourite task manager app via the Share Sheet
  • Themeable Widgets Current Session, Daily Goals, and Session Select widgets, with themes
  • App Icons Select an icon to match your homescreen. Coloured, Light, and Dark variants
  • Productivity Export Export completed sessions & breadcrumbs in CSV format
  • Privacy Focused No account signups. All user data is securely stored & managed via iCloud
  • More iOS & iPadOS Goodies VoiceOver, Split View & Slide Over, Low Power Mode, Drag & Drop, Dark Mode themes, Quick Actions, Low Power Mode, Sidebar Navigation
  • More macOS Goodies Keyboard Shortcuts, Menu Bar Timer, Shortcuts for Mac, Alfred automation, URL Schemes


All images, promo art, and the Focused Work app logo are downloadable here. Alternatively, feel free to pick and choose from below!





Focused Work is free to download, with the option of a $4.99 monthly subscription, $29.99 yearly subscription, or $49.99 one-time purchase to unlock all features. Focused Work is a universal app for iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

Original Release Date

Focused Work launched to the Apple App Store on September 8th 2020.


Focused Work is available in all territories that the App Store supports, and can be downloaded here.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop with major updates, please check out this this page.

About the Developer

Hey, I’m Michael! 👋

I’m freelance mobile consultant that has created fun and engaging mobile apps for the last seven years, living in Melbourne, Australia.

I created Focused Work to help me in two areas of my life;

  • Struggling to focus and get work done when I lack motivation or have low energy
  • Working for too long and forgetting to take breaks, leading to feeling burnt out

The app helps me focus by encouraging me to break a task into smaller, achievable parts. Completing smaller tasks builds momentum, morale, and the focus reminders ensure I remain on-task.

Focused Work also lets me create my own set of work and break configurations so I always have a balanced workload for different types of tasks, and enough time to refresh and stay productive across my work day.

I hope it encourages people to get more productive work done every day, as it has for me. 🙂


If you have any questions, reach out to me at focusedworkapp@michaeltigas.com.au, or on Twitter.