What is Focused Work?

Focused Work is an app that helps you focus and structure your time effectively.

Structure helps you get work done. It allows you to focus and take breaks, to stay fresh and productive all day.

A key strength of the app is creating timed focus sessions, to break up tasks into focused work and break periods. Optimising for deep focus, is key.

For example, you can create a session for study, coding, or content writing tasks, with a structure of; a 5-minute planning stage, two 45-minute focused work stages, and a 10-minute break stage in the middle. The app will remind you to focus mid-session, and take a break to keep your mind fresh.

Core Features

  • Focus Sessions Create structure for your tasks with focused work, planning, and break stages.
  • Define your focus Knowing your goal helps you make better decisions to complete a task.
  • Simple design Always-on timer. See your focus and current stage at a glance. Rotate the screen.
  • Distraction alerts Be reminded to stay focused, and when to take a break.
  • Estimated finish times See what time a session will finish at a glance, to squeeze in a quick task.
  • Productivity Goals Build momentum and a streak, by completing focused work every day.
  • Productivity Reflection Rate sessions, and add short notes to highlight good or bad habits.
  • Toggl Integration Track time once, by assigning projects and tags to your focus sessions.
  • iCloud Syncing Switch between devices based on the task. All sessions and goals are automatically synced to iOS devices logged in with the same Apple ID.
  • Dark Mode Perfect for productive night owls, so the timer doesn’t light up your room.
  • App Icons Twelve colours, with Light + Dark variants for matching your home screen.
  • Widgets Focus session timers, quickly start a session, view today’s productivity goals.


All images, promo art, and the Focused Work app logo are downloadable here. Alternatively, feel free to pick and choose from below!




Focused Work is free to download, with the option of a $9.99 yearly subscription, or $19.99 one-time purchase to unlock all features. Focused Work is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. (and macOS - soon)

Original Release Date

Focused Work launched to the Apple App Store on September 8th 2020.


Focused Work is available in all territories that the App Store supports, and can be downloaded here.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop with major updates, please check out this this page.

About the Developer

Hey, I’m Michael! 👋

I’ve created fun iOS and Android apps for the last six years, as a freelancer & consultant under my brand Hey, I Make Apps!, living in Melbourne, Australia.

Focused Work began as something to replace a Pomodoro chatbot a few mates and I were using every day.

Before starting a session we entered commands to trigger alerts for when to work or take a break, but it eventually became repetitive and annoying. Although, we did enjoy the ability to experiment with adjusting when to show them, and its message.

We decided to either create a smarter bot, or I could leverage my knowledge of mobile apps to create a better utility for our phones. The former sounded much less fun, so I began searching the App Store.

Most focused work apps were Pomodoro-centric and not really customisable. We also needed to adjust the timer when swapping between tasks that were well-defined or open-ended, as some required more time to reach a flow state.

None had reminders to snap us out of scrolling our Facebook or Twitter feeds when we should be working!

I was convinced I could scratch the itch by creating my own app that addressed the above, so we could;

  1. Reach a flow-state regardless of the type of task
  2. Prevent ourselves from overworking
  3. Be reminded to keep focusing, and take appropriate breaks

I began with a blank canvas in March 2020, and after more than 540 focused work hours across 186 days, I am super excited to share the app!

I hope it encourages people to get more productive work done every day, as it has for me. 🙂


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at focusedworkapp@michaeltigas.com.au, or through Twitter.