Get more things done, every day.

Create timed Focus Sessions.

Design the perfect structure for getting work done, to stay fresh and productive.

Adjustable daily goals.

Build momentum and a streak, by completing focused work every day.

Distraction alerts.

Be reminded to stay focused, and when to take a break.

iCloud Syncing.

Freely move between your iPhone and iPad, depending on your task. (macOS coming soon!)

Share productivity time with Toggl.

Track time once, by assigning projects and tags to your focus sessions.

Dark Mode.

Perfect for productive night owls, so the timer doesn't light up your room.

App Icons.

Twelve colours, with Light + Dark variants for matching your home screen.


Focus session timers, quickly start a session, view today's productivity goals.

Press Coverage

"A simple, but valuable utility for creating timed focus sessions of productivity."

- Ryan Christoffel

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"Focused Work is a tool that helps overcome that first step."

- Victor Marks

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"Focused Work helps you stay on track better than ever."

- Oliver Haslam

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