Focused Work
for Apple Vision Pro

Focused Work will be available for Apple Vision Pro on Day 1, marking an exciting new chapter for focus and productivity.

With a fresh perspective on productivity, Apple Vision Pro compliments Focused Work's ability to help people focus and concentrate.

On Apple Vision Pro, the same powerful timer is now omnipresent for;

• Running timed Focus Sessions anywhere on your canvas

• Organising and adding structure to your tasks

• Reminding you to stay focused and track productivity

Sporting a minimal and translucent apperance for visionOS, Focused Work maintains its trademark personality with colorful visual cues.

Focus is about keeping it simple, with singular defined tasks.

Focused Work follows this philosophy with a flexible design that keeps a tidy timer in the corner - amongst a busy workspace, or can blown up in size to analyze productivity.

And if you complete a Pomodoro session, there's a lil easter egg hiding around! 🍬

Blocking Distractions

Focused Work carries over its blocking deterrence feature from iOS and macOS, to visionOS.

Create a blocklist to block websites on Apple Vision Pro during your focus sessions, including; Twitter / X, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and TikTok.

Automate Your Productivity

For folks who are all about automation, it's never been easier to automate tasks like turning on Focus when your session begins, and adjust room lights for focus and concentration.

Link a preset to your session and watch the automation magically unfold. ✨


• Focused Work is a powerful timer that helps you focus and concentrate

• Available for Apple Vision Pro on Day One

• Flexible design as a simple timer, or for productivity analysis

• Block websites and automate with shortcuts

• Integrate with Toggl Track to assign Projects & Tags to sessions

• Created by an Indie Developer from Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺