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Key info about Focused Work.

Stay Focused. All Day.

Stay Focused.
All Day.

Focused Work is a powerful timer that helps you focus and be productive.

Key Features

A powerful and flexible focus timer that helps you be consistently productive every day;

  • Run timed "Focus Sessions" that help you concentrate on a goal or task

  • Organize and add structure by dividing time between Focus, Break, and Prepare stages

  • Choose guided focus techniques like Pomodoro and Flowmodoro, or run a simple count up timer

  • Create Focus Sessions tailored to particular tasks or needs

  • Reminders to focus and when to take breaks

  • Session Rating & Reflection; track what went well for you during your session

  • Scratch Pad; to jot down thoughts that come to mind mid-session, to review later

  • Daily Goals; complete to begin a streak + build healthy productivity habits

  • Statistics & Charts; for reviewing recent productivity

  • Block Distractions; add distracting apps & websites to block

  • In-app Shortcuts automation, to automatically perform actions during a session

  • Link with Toggl Track for advanced time tracking, select projects & tags

iOS 17 / macOS Sonoma Features

  • Live Activities & Interactive Widgets; control your session outside the app

  • StandBy; interact with the current session while iPhone is in StandBy

  • Spotlight Search; for starting and interacting with a session

Other Ecosystem Features

  • Picture-in-Picture; view your session above other apps

  • App Shortcuts / Siri; for starting and interacting with a session

  • Focus Filters; show/hide selectable sessions based on current focus

  • Session alerts; across all devices with Focused Work installed

  • iCloud Syncing; sync productivity stats & created sessions between devices

  • And much more, for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Vision Pro

Who is this app for?

It's purpose-built for people who want to focus for long periods of time, working towards completing a goal or task, and be encouraged to remain focused.

Folks in particular include; people managing ADHD, Professionals, Authors, and students.

You can run Focus Sessions that can be a simple timer, Pomodoro (inspired by the Pomodoro Technique), pick from a plethora of templates, or you can be creative and make your own sessions.

For those who enjoy setting daily goals, Focused Work supports this to help people build healthy productivity habits, and you can view your recent stats and reflect on your sessions.

Why did I create this?

I originally created Focused Work to manage personal challenges with maintaining focus, avoiding burnout from long work sessions, and switching between tasks of varying concentration levels.

After launching, I soon realised these were common issues amongst folks that range from high achievers to students, including those managing ADHD.

What distinguishes Focused Work from typical timer-based focus apps is its flexibility. It allows people to achieve deep focus for any task - a feature highly praised by its users.

They can run a simple on-screen timer, structured Pomodoro sessions with Focus + Break intervals, other techniques like Flowmodoro, or can create their own sessions to suit a particular task or how their mind works. It is extremely useful and powerful.

There’s also integrations with Shortcuts, App & Website Blocking, and Toggl for advanced workflows. But the cherry on top is a tailored UX across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, that’s colorful and fun.


Focused Work is free to download. Folks can upgrade to Focused Work Pro for $4.99/month, $29.99/year, or $59.99/lifetime to gain access to additional functionality & configurations.

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