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Feb 18, 2024

Feb 18, 2024

Finding the right tools to maintain focus in an era where distractions are all around us is super important.

This guide introduces five focus apps for iPhone designed to streamline productivity, enhance concentration, and minimize distractions - and how they can compliment each other when grouped together.

From customizable task managers and ambient noise generators, to innovative journaling and app / website blockers, each app offers unique features to help you stay on track during a busy day.


Streamline your focus from Planning to Execution, with Tasks.


  • Customizable Task Statuses: Easily categorize tasks with statuses like 'In Progress' and 'On Hold' to keep your workflow clear and maintain focus on current priorities.

  • Hierarchical Organization: Organize tasks into folders, projects, and sub-tasks, allowing you to break down your work into manageable pieces and stay focused on one task at a time.

  • Integrated Productivity Tools: Use iCloud sync for seamless task management across devices, coupled with Home screen widgets and Siri Shortcuts, to keep your tasks accessible and top of mind, minimizing distractions.

tldr; helps you maintain focus by providing clear task organization, customizable workflows, and integrated tools for a streamlined productivity experience.

“Tailgunner55” says:

I’ve been using this little app for several months now and it is perfect for me. Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles (and complications) of a lot of these apps. I don’t need “teams”, project timelines, graphs and charts, etc. I simply need something that is simple, populates across devices, and let’s me see and manage current projects/to-do’s in a straightforward way. This app does just that.

Supports: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Vision Pro

Price: Free to download, upgrade to Tasks Pro for $24.99/year, $79.99/lifetime

Download Tasks on the App Store


Dark Noise

Ambient Sounds for Clarity and Calm while focusing, with Dark Noise.


  • Extensive Sound Library: With 50 built-in sounds and the option to create custom mixes, find your perfect backdrop for deep focus or relaxation, tailoring your environment to your task.

  • Convenient Access: The Mini Player and keyboard shortcuts provide quick and easy access to your sounds, allowing you to stay in the zone without distractions.

  • Customizable Experience: Use timers, choose from 10 themes, and personalize widgets to create a focused ambiance that suits your work style and rhythm, helping you concentrate for longer periods.

tldr; enhance your focus through the use of ambient sounds, offering customization and convenience to fit any work environment.

“Joshua D.” says:

I really like the selection of sleep or relaxation sounds in this program a lot. If I need something to listen to, to be able to sleep or just to de-stress, Dark Noise, is what I inevitably choose almost every time.

Supports: iPhone, iPad, Mac

Price: Free to download, upgrade to Dark Noise Pro for $2.99/month, $19.99/year, $49.99/lifetime

Download Dark Noise on the App Store



Enhance concentration through simple writing, with Everlog.


  • Streamlined Interface: Everlog’s clean and uncluttered design removes distractions, allowing you to concentrate fully on journaling your thoughts and reflections.

  • Markdown Support: Format your entries with ease using Markdown, enabling a focused writing process that’s both efficient and organized.

  • Reflection and Organization Tools: Utilize comments for deeper reflections on entries, and a calendar view to track your journaling habits, supporting a focused review of your progress and thoughts over time.

tldr; foster a focused and reflective journaling experience to enhance concentration through writing

Supports: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Vision Pro

“kyaeos” says:

You know the meme from Brooklyn 99, "I've only had Arlo for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him...". Well, that's how I feel about Everlog. No other journalling app has ever given me exactly what I needed like this one, encouraging me to write in little bursts and with a friendly UI and UX that looks good, and just works.

Price: Free to download, upgrade to Everlog Premium for $2.99/month, $29.99/year, $69.99/lifetime

Download Everlog on the App Store



Control your digital environment for Focus, with Ochi.


  • Comprehensive Blocking: Instantly block distracting apps and websites across all your devices, creating a distraction-free workspace that enhances focus.

  • Custom Timed Filters: Set up filters to automatically limit screen time during work or study hours, ensuring you remain focused on the task at hand.

  • Seamless Integration: Utilize Shortcut automations and themeable widgets for quick access, integrating focus-enhancing practices into your daily routine with ease.

tldr; a powerful tool for reducing distractions and improving concentration in their digital life.

Supports: iPhone, iPad, Mac

“chchen2021” says:

I have been looking for a blocker for both apps and websites while I am at work. After quite some research, I settled on Ochi, which is really easy to set up and works on both macOS and iOS. Ochi has all the modern perks of a native Apple app, supporting Shortcuts and iCloud syncing among other things.

Price: Free to download, upgrade to Ochi Pro for $3.99/month, $19.99/year, $69.99/lifetime

Download Ochi on the App Store


Focused Work

Harness your productivity by mastering time with precision, with Focused Work.


  • Versatile Timing Sessions: Utilize Pomodoro, Flowmodoro, and custom sessions to add structure to your day, enabling focused work intervals followed by restorative breaks.

  • Customizable Focus Sessions: Tailor your focus sessions with stages, time limits, and specific goals to match your productivity needs, encouraging a disciplined approach to tasks.

  • Integrated Productivity Tools: Benefit from distraction blocking, in-app shortcuts for automation, and reflection features to enhance focus, manage ADHD, and build productive habits efficiently.

tldr; a dynamic tool for improving time management and focus, particularly seeking to overcome challenges in sustained concentration

“Laughhearty” says:

This is such a thoughtful app! I’m able to customize it to my heart’s content. I also love all the data about my sessions. It helps me get better at focusing. Also adore the extra time that can get added when a stage is complete and the clock is still ticking

Supports: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Vision Pro

Price: Free to download, upgrade to Focused Work Pro for $4.99/month, $29.99/year, $69.99/lifetime

Download Focused Work on the App Store


Creating a routine with these apps

Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of each app to get an understanding how they would compliment one another for focusing.

  • Tasks; write down your tasks for the day / week and organise them by what is most important, and track them over time

  • Focused Work; choose a single task to focus on from your list, start a Pomodoro timer or a simple count up timer - which will instruct you when to focus and take a break, and get to work

  • Dark Noise; chuck on a pair of headphones and play a background sound that suits your preference for focusing, such as; a coffee shop, light rain, or a distant waterfall

  • Everlog; review your productivity at the end of each day and write some notes about what worked for you and what you could do better next time

  • Ochi; block distracting apps and websites throughout the day, and create a schedule to automate various time blocks where you cannot access social media & entertainment apps

This particular combination of focus apps for iPhone allow you to create a dependable structure that builds momentum at the start of the day, so you can ride that wave and maintain focus every single day.

Good luck. 😊