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Pomodoro • Apps • Mac

Pomodoro • Apps • Mac

Feb 25, 2024

Feb 25, 2024

Let's take a look at some of the best Pomodoro apps for Mac where the underlying principle of the technique remains consistent, but recognize that their unique features and functionalities make them stand out.

Some may have customizable timers, task integration, insightful reporting, and others featuring a simple interface - which people may find more valuable.

What is Pomodoro?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, and has revolutionized the way people approach their work and study tasks.

The technique involves breaking up said tasks into timed intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by 5 minute breaks. This approach is designed to enhance focus and concentration by creating a sense of urgency from the imposed time limit, and then allow for recovery with short breaks.

People who struggle with managing their time or experience ADHD generally find Pomodoro extremely helpful for getting stuff done.

How can Pomodoro apps help with focus?

The key lies in their simplicity.

They reduce the overwhelming nature of tasks by dividing them into manageable segments, enhancing productivity and reducing the opportunity for distractions through scheduled breaks that keep your mind fresh and motivated.

Over the better part of the last decade, there have been a plethora of tools to come and go to help people structure their time, with some being exceptionally more helpful than others depending on the nature of the tasks that people face.

As we take a look at some of the best Pomodoro apps for Mac where the underlying principle of the technique remains consistent, it’s important to recognize that their unique features and functionalities make them stand out. Some may have customizable timers, task integration, insightful reporting, and others featuring a simple interface - which people may find more valuable.


The apps selected below;

  • include the Pomodoro Technique

  • are still maintained in the last year

  • have at least a 4-star rating

  • are available to download from the Mac App Store

  • are in no particular order

We hope you find the list super helpful for choosing the perfect Pomodoro app to be productive every day.

Let’s get stuck in! 🍅 🍽️

App #1: Focus To-Do

Why choose Focus To-Do?

  • Integrated Pomodoro Timer and Task Manager: Seamlessly combines the Pomodoro Technique with comprehensive task management, encouraging focused work sessions interspersed with breaks to boost productivity.

  • Comprehensive Task Management: Enables organization of tasks with sub-tasks, recurring tasks, reminders, and priority levels, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Advanced Reporting Features: Provides detailed statistics on time distribution, completed tasks, and project progress, offering insights into your productivity patterns.

  • Versatile Reminder Options: Includes alarms, vibration reminders, and white noise options to keep you on track and enhance focus during work or study sessions.

  • Gantt Chart Visualization: Offers a visual representation of focus time and project timelines, aiding in better time management and planning.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Focus To-Do Premium for $3.99/quarter, $11.99/lifetime

Download Focus To-Do on the App Store


App #2: Focused Work

Why choose Focused Work?

  • Versatile Time Management: Offers various session templates including Pomodoro (for structured focus and breaks), Flowmodoro (inspired by the Flowtime Technique), and the ability to customize sessions to match personal productivity needs.

  • Comprehensive Customization: Allows the creation of repeatable, tailored focus sessions with adjustable stages and time limits to suit any task or goal.

  • In-built Distraction Blocker: Enables you to select and restrict access to distracting apps and websites during a session, helping maintain focus.

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Includes detailed statistics and charts to review productivity trends over time, along with a Scratch Pad for jotting down thoughts during sessions.

  • Daily Goals and Streaks: Motivates with daily focus goals, rewarding consistency and habit formation with streaks.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Focused Work Pro for $4.99/month, $29.99/year, $69.99/lifetime

Download Focused Work on the App Store


App #3: Balance

Why choose Balance?

  • Pomodoro Technique Support: Includes a focus timer based on the Pomodoro technique, allowing for structured work sessions with short breaks to boost concentration.

  • Mindful Time Management: Offers a unique approach to time tracking focused on achieving a healthy work-life balance, encouraging mindfulness in how you spend your hours.

  • Convenient Menu Bar Access: Designed as a menu bar app for easy access and minimal disruption to your workflow, making time tracking seamlessly integrated into your day.

  • Exportable Sessions: Ability to export session data, enabling detailed reviews of your productivity and work patterns over time.

  • Balance Pro Features: For those seeking deeper insights, Balance Pro offers session logs with trends, session notes for reflective tracking, and project management tools for comprehensive work session organization.

Supported Platforms: Mac-only

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Balance Pro for $2.49/month, $24.99/yearly

Download Balance on the App Store


App #4: Flow

Why choose Flow?

  • Scientifically Supported: Utilizes the Pomodoro Technique, which is scientifically proven to increase focus and motivation while decreasing stress.

  • Distraction Management: Features the ability to block apps and websites, providing a distraction-free environment to boost your productivity.

  • Forced Breaks: Includes a fullscreen break mode to ensure you take meaningful breaks, promoting better health and less stress.

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Provides an overview of completed sessions, allowing you to monitor your progress and productivity over time.

  • Flow PRO Upgrade: Available for users seeking advanced features like custom durations, session counts, CSV export, and calendar sync.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Flow Pro for $1.49/month, $12.99/yearly, $29.99/lifetime

Download Flow on the App Store


App #5: Session

Why choose Session?

  • Pomodoro Technique Integration: Utilizes the Pomodoro technique to encourage working in focused time blocks, promoting productivity and preventing burnout by ensuring regular breaks.

  • Distraction Blocking: Capable of blocking distracting websites and apps during focus sessions, automatically restoring access during breaks to maintain a balanced work rhythm.

  • Slack Integration: Automatically mutes selected Slack teams during sessions, reducing interruptions and refocusing attention on the task at hand.

  • Workflow Automation: Features such as automatic activation of Do Not Disturb mode, music playback, and smart home integration during sessions and breaks to create an optimal work environment.

  • Apple Calendar Integration: Offers one-way sync with Apple Calendar, allowing you to visualize and review your sessions and productivity patterns.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Session Pro for $4.99/month, $39.99/yearly

Download Session on the App Store


App #6: Bluebird

Why choose Bluebird?

  • Integrated Task Management: Not just a timer, but a comprehensive productivity tool combining a flexible Pomodoro-style focus timer with a powerful to-do list, helping you manage tasks with ease.

  • Advanced Time Tracking: Enables detailed recording of time spent on tasks, allowing for insightful review and adjustments to improve efficiency.

  • Customizable Background Sounds: Offers a variety of background sounds, including white noise and nature sounds, to enhance focus and reduce distractions.

  • Effective Distraction Blocking: Helps maintain concentration by blocking distracting apps and websites during focus sessions, fostering a more productive environment.

  • Versatile Widget and Live Activities Support: Features widgets for the Home Screen and Lock Screen, along with Live Activities in Dynamic Island, ensuring easy access and visibility of your tasks and timers.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Bluebird Pro for $4.99/month, $29.99/yearly, $49.99/lifetime

Download Bluebird on the App Store


App #7: Focus

Why choose Focus?

  • Efficient Work Sessions: Implements the Focus Sessions method (25 minutes of work followed by a short break), proven to enhance concentration and productivity by breaking down work into manageable chunks.

  • Integrated Task Manager: Comes with a lightweight task manager to organize tasks effectively, allowing you to concentrate on one task at a time, thereby minimizing distractions.

  • In-depth Progress Tracking: Offers motivating and comprehensive statistics to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress, keeping you informed about your productivity trends.

  • Apple Watch Integration: The independent Apple Watch app allows for easy session control and progress tracking, with custom complications to view current progress at a glance.

  • Shortcuts and Widgets Support: Leverages Shortcuts for creating productivity automations and Widgets for quick access to important information, enhancing your productivity ecosystem.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Pay to use, upgrade to Focus Pro for $39.99/yearly

Download Focus on the App Store


App #8: Be Focused

Why choose Be Focused?

  • Customizable Timers: Offers the flexibility to customize work intervals, short and long break durations, and the number of intervals before a long break, tailoring the experience to your productivity style.

  • Task Management: Enables you to create tasks, configure breaks specifically for each task, and track your progress through the day, week, or any custom period, making it a comprehensive productivity tool.

  • Progress Tracking: Features detailed reports for monitoring progress and understanding productivity patterns, helping you stay motivated and on track.

  • Distraction Blocking: (Pro version) Enhances focus by blocking distracting websites and apps, allowing you to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

  • Advanced Task Management: (Pro version) Integrates with Focus Matrix for managing tasks using the urgent/important principle, offering a sophisticated approach to prioritizing work.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use, upgrade to Be Focused Pro for $1.99/month, $9.99/yearly, $19.99/lifetime

Download Be Focused on the App Store


App #9: Toggl Track

Why choose Toggl Track?

  • Pomodoro Technique: Incorporate structured 25-minute work sessions with the Pomodoro mode to enhance focus and productivity.

  • Comprehensive Customization: Organize your time entries with detailed categorizations such as projects, clients, and tags, offering a clear overview of where your hours are invested.

  • Idle Detection & Reminders: Never lose track of unaccounted time with idle detection alerts and set reminders to track time, minimizing gaps in your time logs.

  • Integrated Calendar and Timeline: Connect your calendar for a comprehensive view of events alongside time entries, and use the timeline to review your app and website usage.

  • Auto Tracker: Receive time entry suggestions based on the software you're using, streamlining the tracking process for routine tasks.

Supported Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Price: Free to use

Download Toggl Track on the App Store


Feature Comparison

As you’ve seen above, each app has its own opinion on applying the Pomodoro technique, from simple time tracking to full-blown task management.

We’ve created a comprehensive table showing key differences between each app to make your choice easier, highlighting important features like app & website blocking, calendar integration, automation capabilities, and whether you can play ambient background sounds to boost your focus.

Links to apps covered;

Happy Pomodoro'ing! 🥳 🍅